Jan 272011

The Operation Failed: Outlook 2007

So, I had a lot of fun troubleshooting this one. The user has a new HP ProBook laptop running Windows 7 and Office 2007. The symptom is that they can not consistently send an email with more than one addressee. When the user sends an email with more than one address, as soon as they hit Send, they receive the error “The operation failed.” This symptom persists on both email accounts associated with the Outlook profile. (A POP3 and an Exchange account)

Searching on this error, I found many variations to its cause, and a lot of proposed solutions. What worked for me, was uninstalling the entire HP ProtectTools suite, and then performing a Repair operation on Office from Add/Remove Programs. I think that approach might be a bit heavy handed, but I was short on time at the moment, and the suite was only interfering with the user’s work, not augmenting it.

If I have the opportunity to work on this again, I’m going to start with HP’s Privacy Manager that hooks into Outlook and installs a toolbar.  Many of the posts I read seemed to have the common theme of killing a third party application that was trying to augment Outlook. If you have this problem, and come across a more elegant solution than nuking HP ProtectTools from orbit, let me know!


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  1. Ok, never thought of you as a geek but now that I’ve found your web site….

    Hi Jaime :-)

  2. Just stumbled across this post when looking for a solution for this specific problem. I’ve just removed HP Privacy Manager from Windows and I’ll monitor Outlook to see if this finally gets resolved. I’ve tried everything befor this, from cleaning the forms cache to create a whole new profile, and It always starts happening again. I’ll let you know if removing only Privacy Manager will acctually fix the problem or if I’ll need to remove the complete HP ProtectTools.

  3. Isn’t it great? My mom said hi on my blog. :)

    Please do update me! I’m excited to hear your results. I really think my approach was too heavy handed, there must be another factor in play. We ordered 5 various models of HP ProBooks in the last 3 months, and only one of them had this issue. The only thing that was unique to that user was the connection to a pop3 account in addition to an Exchange account.

  4. Simple fix: This problem occurs when data in the Inbox, Deleted Items, and Sent Items folders exceeds the permissible amount set by your mail administrator. Reduce the size of the email and/or whittle down your folders.

  5. I uninstalled the Privacy Manager and now, is working fine. That’s all.

  6. i also uninstalled the privacy manager and it working like a charm…

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