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Mar 222010
Temporal Paradox

Temporal Paradox by PatsPiks.

Odd, the time represented in my posts has been off by hours (showing UTC time instead of my chosen time zone) I threw this post up to get a sample time difference to quote them… and it’s right.  What’s your game WordPress??? :)

(Picture is from an article where it is much more relevant)


Ok, so I think I saw the light.

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Mar 032010

The nerd inside of me wanted to code my whole site by hand (learning all about databases, PHP, and authenticating users at the same time), and also write posts and generally be a useful person on my site.  That’s a lot of damn work to fit into my schedule.  I’ve decided the better way to learn is to get a ready to go, right out of the box solution that would give me a clean, useful, and customizable interface. From there, I hope to tweak the code, learn about it and make it mine.

So, welcome!  Feel free to read a little about me and what I’m doing, register, and make a comment! Just don’t hold it against me if this place looks completely different tomorrow.  I’m still kicking the tires. :)

Mar 032010

First Post!

I was going to delete this first post, but I like it.  It marks the official opening of cpl-shoe.com to the outside world. So welcome! I hope to have something useful up faster than you can push Obama’s healthcare plan through Congress.

For what it’s worth, thank you WordPress for the simple, fast, and robust installation. Thank you VERY much Suffusion for this powerful theme that is incredibly flexible, and stylish.

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