Aug 112010

I recently had cause to need the MAC address of a Windows XP machine on my network that was logged into by another user, so I couldn’t do my usual laborious Remote Desktop—> CMD —> Ipconfig /all.  That’s right. I had to learn how to get it the easy way, and I thought I’d share it with the class.

It involves using the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) command, which I’m dreadfully unfamiliar with. If you open a command shell and just type ARP, the results aren’t all that fascinating. I get the IP and MAC addresses for my internal DNS servers, and my gateway.

Now, ping the computer you need the MAC for.  You can ping it by name, or by IP. Do ARP –a, and the same servers are listed, but in addition you get the server you just pinged in the list. Handy! Depending on your recent network activities, multiple computers besides the ones I specified may be included in this list.

Thanks to ‘UberGeek316’ for the tip!