What to do with Windows 7 libraries?

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Mar 112010

Windows 7 LibraryThey’re one of the neatest features of Windows 7.  They’re in your face, all clickable, and …useful?  What do you DO with them? Is it just a fancy name for My Documents and My Music? How do I make Windows 7 Libraries do something new? I was right there with you when I started using Windows 7.

First, however… They are not new!

Believe it or not, the core functionality of a library (known as a virtual folder) first entered the Windows environment with Vista, where they were known as Search Folders. They operated a little differently, and were less in your face.  Couple that with the fact that next to no one used Vista, and you have all you need to know about why they feel all fresh and new.

Libraries are virtual folders that don’t actually exist in the folder tree on the hard disk. Their job is to run a constant search, index the results, and display them to you inside the virtual folder. So… what do you do with them?

Give your C:\ some room to breathe!

The simplest and best use for libraries is to allow you to store data  on another drive without having to look elsewhere to find it later. I’ll use the Music library as an example.
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Windows Media Player, we were such good friends.

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Mar 042010

NOT emptyI spent days organizing my music, fixing tags, and you faithfully kept track of my changes.  Where did I overstep my bounds? Was it asking for volume leveling? I think it was.

As the picture shows, WMP12 believed my library was empty, and no amount of option changing, folder adding, or applying of changes would change that.  I’d like to thank Mike Woelmer at srtsolutions for pointing me to the quick fix.  …if you don’t mind rebuilding the whole damn library, it works like a charm!

In these steps, you will delete all library information. It won’t delete any real data that WMP 12 won’t be able to rebuild with a little time.

  1. Shutdown Windows Media Player.
  2. Stop the media sharing service.  Press the Windows Key+R to launch the Run box. Type Services.msc and hit enter to launch the Services panel.
  3. Scroll down and right-click on the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service and select Stop.
  4. Navigate to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player.
  5. Delete the file(s) named CurrentDatabase_*.wmdb and the file(s) named LocalMLS_*.wmdb.
  6. Back in the Services panel, right click and choose start for Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. Close the Services panel.
  7. Open WMP. It should start building your library again.

…is 102GB alot?