Chinese Domain Name Watchdogs are my friends!

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Mar 232010

I had this little gem sent to me today (not actually for though).  It is silly on many levels, but I can see how this could trick someone.  It has frightening words. Someone out there wants to be you!!! Let me hit a few bullet points on this piece of garbage:

  • There is NOT a Chinese organization out there that watches for anyone purchasing domain names that are similar to honest hard working American domains, and then warning us about the impending purchase.
  • It is perfectly legal for anyone to buy and sell domain names that are the same as yours, but with a different TLD. (TLD = .com, .net, etc)
  • Legal issues can come into play if they try to actually impersonate you and your business, but once again, “The department of Asian Domain registration” will not take part in this legal action, or at least they won’t be on YOUR side of the courtroom.
  • Glad to see my future acquisition of is still safe.
Disclaimer- this spam is posted as it was received by me. Go to any of the sites listed below at your own risk. It’s spam!

From: Bill Xu []
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 7:12 AM
Subject: URGENT Pending Application About cpl-shoe
Importance: High

(It’s very urgent, Please transfer this email to your CEO or appropriate person, thanks)
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