Hi, Corporal Shoe here. Active duty from Jun of 1994 through 1998.  Proud 6056 C-130 F/R Airframes mechanic.  My Marine Corps days are among the best days of my life.  I met great people, learned a lot about life, and saw things that I didn’t fully appreciate until I got a little older.  I thought I’d make a little space for some pictures of mine from those days, and introduce you to my old Devil Dog friends. (I have more photos, I’ll add to this when I get more time.)

Eric and Fitz discuss Fitz's haircut.

Haircuts were not optional in the Marines.

Belly Flop from the seawall!

He probably thought this was a great idea. We sure did.

Thailand barracks w/mosquito netting

The accomodations in the Marines are luxurious to say the least.

Poker Game in the Thailand Barracks

L to R: Dehart, Perry, Carroll, and me.

Thailand Toilet

While using it wasn't the best, at least I didn't have to carry the bags away!

C-130 R, 789

A C-130 R model, tail number 789 on the runway in Thailand.

VMGR-152 Ready Room

VMGR-152 Pilots' "Ready Room" in Okinawa

Cpl Shoe


  3 Responses to “USMC”

  1. Cpl Ruiz Fugueroa, S1, Diary Clerk. There in 96-97.
    Har Har Sumos! Remember the peeps in this pic!

  2. – Cpl Ruiz / S-1

  3. OOH-RAH! I didn’t get to know many people on the admin side of the squadron, but it’s good hearing from you! Glad you found some people you know in the pics. :)

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